New clients are requested to arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of the class. For safety reasons, clients cannot join the class after the 5 min grace period. Clients participating in Spin/Soul Ride must arrive 15-20 min prior to class start for bike selection, adjustment, program setting, etc. Once Spin/Soul Ride begins, instructor will not be able to assist in bike set-up.


Class Participation

She Fit is a boutique fitness studio, therefore minimum participation is required for any session to start. She Fit requires a minimum of 2 participants for all scheduled sessions. One on one sessions are available for a nominal fee. It is the clients responsibility to check the app 60 min before class time to determine if the minimum participation has been met. Clients must sign into class prior to the start of class within the sign-up window. Clients must sign into morning classes by 10pm the night before and evening classes no later than 60 minutes prior to class start. Clients who fail to sign-in will not be allowed to participate in that session. 



Please refrain from using cell phones or having open conversations during class. Proper footwear must be worn for each class in the studio, i.e. grip socks and/or sneakers. Please refer to guest code of conduct. No pets or unattended children are allowed in the studio during class.

Late Arrivals


She Fit allows a 5- minute grace period, clients who arrive after the grace period will not be allowed to participate in class for safety reasons.

Code of Conduct

The staff of She Fit is committed to providing a high-quality environment for all clients. We are dedicated to maintaining an environment in which each client can feel safe and respected. In order to assure a positive experience, clients are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times while participating in She Fit programs and its facilities.

The following standards of conduct apply to all clients during their program participation as well as to all guests during their visit to She Fit. The client must conduct herself in an appropriate manner while in a program or within the She Fit studio. Clients are expected to be respectful of other participants and staff.


She Fit has a zero tolerance policy for vicious gossip and/or trolling of other members and staff and/or any conduct that makes others feel unsafe or uncomfortable. While these behaviors can very, She Fit reserves the right to make the final determination.

Should any of these behaviors, not limited to what is listed above, take place, She Fit reserves the right to remove clients from our system, data base, and membership.



Reservations and classes booked are subject to a 12-hour cancellation window. You must cancel your reservation online, over the phone with a person, or in the studio.  12 hour policy applies regardless of cancellation method chosen. Classes purchased cannot be refunded or transferred. Voicemail and E-mail cancellation are unacceptable.

* Please Note: All cancellations made after our 12-hour window will be considered a late cancel and will be charged for the full price for the missed class. No show and late cancellations will be charged the full price for the classes missed. No refunds will be given for no show and or late cancellations. 


Member Cancellations will be charged a $10.00 encouragement fee.

All fees will be charged to card on file. All participants are required to store a card on file.

She Fit Policies are subject to change without notice.