The She Fit Studios Corporate Wellness™ program is designed to help you and your staff achieve better health through regular exercise without breaking the bank. Specialized. Customized. Effective. She Fit studios has a unique approach to getting real results. A boutique fitness studio offering small group training. No more getting lost in a sea of treadmills and ellipticals, no more going to the gym not having a clue where to start or what to do.

At She Fit Studios our training sessions are customized and specialized to meet the needs of every fitness level. Each time our clients enter the studio, they are guided through training sessions led by world class coaches. We have developed specific programs that train and develop in 5 main areas of health and wellness;

  1. Posture Correction

  2. Muscle Tone/Building

  3. Weight Loss

  4. Cardio Fitness/Cardio Conditioning

    5.Core Strength


Through She Fit Studios Smart Technology, Our clients Experience, in Real-Time:

  1. Number of Calories Burned

  2. Effort Level

  3. Heart Rate

  4. Percentage to Maximum Heart Rate

  5. Effort Points

  6. Fitness Zone (by color)


The She Fit In-Studio experience completely enhances and takes the training session to another level. In having the ability to view the above points during training, allows the participant to gain insight on how effective the training session is, while giving the coach the basis for monitoring progress, challenging participants to reach their next level, and develop new challenging sessions as participants improve.

At the end of each session the participant is sent a wellness/fitness report, with a complete breakdown of the training session, detailing key points, and allowing participants to gage or see the progression of their overall fitness health!

She Fit Studios is committed to providing the best possible services, hence the reason we have chosen to collaborate with top industry professionals, providing an even more amazing experience to our clients. Our Culinary Chef and Nutritionist provides; meal plans, recipes, food education, meal prep 101, best practices menu ordering, and so much more.

Our Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner provides vitamin therapy and overall healthy education. Our Cryo-therapy center provides recovery, not just for training, but for everyday aches and pains.

Employee Wellness
Investing in your health, and the health of your employees provides an exponential return. A healthier, more motivated workforce is a happier, more productive workforce. Through our approach to wellness, we’ll help both you, and your staff, improve your bottom line.

Why Wellness at Work?
It’s simple, really. At She Fit Studios, our mission is to help your organization through providing a more fit, active, health conscious workforce. Smart businesses share a similar mission for their employees, one where staff members are encouraged to improve their health and fitness levels, increase their energy and productivity, and lower their healthcare spending. The She Fit Corporate Wellness Program makes it possible for companies of all sizes to encourage wellness at work.


Why She Fit Studios?

As a new and rapidly growing local fitness franchise, She Fit can help you address the wellness needs of your employees. We offer the ultimate in convenience to your workforce, with availability seven days a week. You and your staff will enjoy state-of-the-art equipment, a wide selection of group fitness training sessions, led by our highly qualified group fitness instructors who lead, empower and inspire, at the most competitive pricing.

Benefits; *increased range of motion, * reduced risk of injury, *increased flexibility, *weight loss, *increased blood flow and circulation, *mental fitness, *increased work productivity, *employee confidence, *employee retention, *improved overall health and cardio condition etc.

For more Info about our Easy Corporate Wellness Programs Contact She Fit Studios 888-501-7525

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